Site-Intel™ is a cloud-based dynamic store intelligence application that facilitates site profiling, and asset mapping. Our platform draws data from a wide range of retail business tools including our Mobile Data Collection app. The power of the application lies in its ability to make data, photos and drawings available on an easily accessible platform where updates are dynamic and analysis, filtering, and search queries can be easily applied.

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Mobile Data Collection Integration

Take your field information collected with Site-Specs to the next level by combining it with data from your existing tools. Give your team instant visibility to key insights backed up with photos and other files. Aggregate data from multiple initiatives, with the ability to apply queries and extensive filtering / drill down options.

Store Profiles

Site-Intel’s Dynamic Store Profiling platform creates an attributes profile of your entire network of stores including floor plans, building attributes, fixtures, sign hardware and promotional items. Reduce waste and operational costs using real time store intelligence. Give your cross-functional teams accurate, site-specific information (data, photos, drawings) to tailor rollouts and campaigns with precision.

Data Consolidation

Consolidate data from multiple business tools including: Site-Specs, SAP, JD Edwards, AutoCAD, and JDA. Apply logic, filtering, cross-referencing and search queries on demand from one easily accessible cloud-based platform.

AutoCAD Data Exchange

Leverage even greater insights using CADx to facilitate the dynamic and bilateral exchange of data between your AutoCAD plans and Site-Intel™. The platform allows users to integrate asset and planogram details in order to plot locations into plans automatically. This exciting new platform unlocks a vast array of store attribute and merchandising information making it easily accessible and searchable by cross-functional teams.

Asset Management & Mapping

Track asset and attribute data from physical locations to Site-Intel. Everything from merchandise to fixtures and equipment can be captured and tracked with the ability to apply logic and filtering. Add the option of mapping those assets to plans for maximum visibility.

Floor Plans

Load site plans for easy accessibility by cross functional teams

Customizable Views

Adjust reporting views to suit your needs, through a simple selection filter

Advanced Search & Filtering

Multiple options for drill down & queries

Dynamic Updates

All data is dynamically updated ensuring information is reliable

Export To Excel

Export you data to Excel for further data analysis

Our Products Work Together

Connect Oasis technologies consist of a collection of cloud-based and mobile systems working together or as stand alone solutions, to gather, organize, analyze, and deploy project details for maximum impact and efficiency.

Critical insights into your entire network.

Site-Intel™ gives you critical insights into your entire network of sites. Everything from field conditions to building attributes and asset inventory as well as category data can be easily accessed from our cloud based platform. This unique technology maximizes store visibility for better collaboration, informed decision making and streamlined, location specific execution.

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