Field Service Professionals

Oasis OnSite offers a suite of services designed to complement our technology and help our clients deploy projects in the most efficient manner. Services range from Project Set-up / Management and CAD Services to a network of field service professionals equipped to conduct surveys, asset audits.

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Project Support to Suit your Needs.

All services are backed up with a skilled team with in-depth knowledge of retail program execution. Add a technology platform that brings all relevant information (data, photos, drawings, sign offs) together in one place for easy tracking and reporting and you have a foundation for success. We will support the project in a way that complements your resources and timelines, including supporting your internal or 3rd party teams using our mobile data collection technology and unique capture methodology. Our goal is to act as an extension to our retail customer’s internal team. 

Project Set-up, Deployment & Monitoring

We know that the difference in any execution lies in the preparation and management of the project. We’ll work with you (and your 3rd party teams) from project set-up to pilot and deployment.

Asset Audits / Compliance Inspections

Need a partner to conduct asset audits or compliance inspections? We can help, let Oasis OnSite become a trusted extension of your team. We’ll deploy our teams to complete fieldwork on your timeline, ensuring and quality and accountability our technology affords.

Integration Consulting

No two businesses are exactly alike. At Connect Oasis we are geared to work with you to integrate a solution in a way that suits your enterprise. Our goal is to help you drive exceptional business agility and competitive advantage.

Support Services

  • Task List / Capture Model Set-up, Testing and Project Monitoring
  • Playbook Creation
  • Project Deployment / Distribution
  • Project Management
  • CAD services

Field Services

  • Store Asset / Attribute Audits
  • Pre-remodel Surveys
  • As-Built Drawings
  • Merchandising Validation
  • Plan-o-gram Compliance Monitoring