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Merchandising Management Technology
May 16 2016

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The Benefits Of Digitizing Your Merchandising Management Process

Cloud-based services are helping revolutionize many industries. Within the retail field, cloud technology is transforming the way companies implement a range of processes. Merchandising management, for example, is one of the processes that can now be driven by cloud technology. In this latest post, our team looks at the benefits of digitizing the merchandising management process and the impact cloud technology can have on merchandising within brick and mortar businesses.

Reduced Hardware Costs

A leading consideration within retail organizations is day-to-day operational costs. A company cannot succeed long-term without moving consistently toward cost-efficiency. Cloud merchandising management systems can help support companies meeting their cost reduction objectives by limiting the need for expensive servers and other hardware. Through cloud technology, companies can also mitigate support costs and create a versatile merchandising system that’s seamlessly integrated within their operations.

Improved Data Analysis

The latest cloud merchandising solutions empower companies in merging data from various streams across the company. Harnessing cloud technology, companies will achieve a unified stream detailing the latest data on all products across all stores.

This allows users to better analyze business conditions and develop a merchandising plan based on the real-time, actionable data delivered through their cloud system. Improved data analysis also allows for superior levels of sales forecasting, ensuring that teams can pinpoint areas for improvement and preventing shortfalls in productivity as trends are revealed.

Streamlined Collaboration

Cloud merchandising systems also remove the barriers to collaboration between disparate working teams under the same brand. Cloud data can be accessed anytime, anywhere by teams working on significant merchandising projects. This helps ensure decisions are made through close communication between all stakeholders, and based on clear data. Improved visibility to project workflow increases accountability and overall merchandising compliance. Giving teams access to a single version of the merchandising plan minimizes the risk of confusion and dramatically reduces errors.

Provides a Platform for Growth

Within the retail space, companies can harness cloud merchandising software to create a scalable architecture on which to build their operations. The software can be used to help companies adapt with agility to acquisitions, expansions and new products. This ensures that operations remain unimpeded while the organizational structure changes and helps firms retain their commitment to higher productivity levels and growth targets.

Seamless System Upgrades

With all upgrades to their merchandising systems applied through the cloud, companies can minimize the impact on their operations. Rather than stopping specific processes to allow for updates to be applied, companies can harness cloud-based merchandising management software to apply updates while all other processes are on-going. Reducing the merchandising refresh cycle improves the overall customer experience by maintaining a relevant offer while minimizing slow moving stock.

Cloud-based systems are driving productivity and supporting collaboration across merchandising management teams. To discover more on this topic, speak with our experts directly!


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